Myofascia / Trigger Therapy – also called myofascia release – is a type of physical therapy used to treat the chronic pain caused by sensitivity and tightness in your myofascial tissue. Myofascial tissue in a connective tissue that runs through your entire body, supporting and protecting your bones and muscles.

During a Myofascia / Trigger Therapy treatment, you will feel very soft, gentle movements applied to the skin, to trigger the release of tension just below the skin. You may hardly feel the pressure being applied purposefully to your muscles – yet something powerful is happening!

Clients have been amazed by how this gentle treatment can deeply affect aches and stiffness in the body that they have been dealing with for years!

If you have been holding onto tension for a long time, and are experience frozen shoulders or a stick neck, then Myofascia / Trigger Therapy is for you.

60 mins : $85   |   90 mins : $120