Gestalt Therapy is a client-centred approach to therapy. It is all about the practitioner assisting the client to focus on the now in their lives, and to look at their life experiences through that lens of now, rather than the older stories that we have wrapped around past incidents.

Rather than just talking about past events, clients are encouraged to experience them as they are now, through re-enactment, and other psychodramatic techniques. The client will be asked questions like: “How does this feel for you, right now?”, or “What’s going on for you in this moment?” Your therapist may experiment with role-playing (“What if you were….”), guided fantasy (“If you imagine that….”), dream work, empty chair work and other techniques that can help bring past and current struggles to life in the therapeutic setting.

If you are experiencing stress, depression, anxiety, or low self-esteem, and you want a more hands-on, interactive way to bring calm and happiness back into your life, then Gestalt Therapy is for you.

60 mins : $85   |   90 mins : $120