Our entire body is a map of energetic lines and points.

 These lines and points interact within our bodies, creating an integrated energy system. This system is impacted on the physical as well as emotional and mental levels. Different cultures have named this energy system different things – the Chinese mapped them as meridian lines, the Indians called these energy channels nadis and noted the chakras. Each system is greatly impacted by the suffering of our bodies and minds.

Energetics is about using specifically organised therapies to follow these maps – accessing these lines and points – to offer emotional and physical support and healing to a client. When we experience emotional and mental tension, trauma and other physical stresses, our energy systems are impacted, and we can become blocked. When we are blocked we know  discomfort, unease and pain within the body and the mind.

Through the use of channeled energy and energy awareness, I help you to re-balance your body’s energy systems and rediscover your passion and potential for life!

When you have a session with me in any of my modalities – Reiki, Energy Balancing, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT/Tapping) or Aromatherapy – you are being supported by a fully qualified and passionate therapist.

Welcome to Yvonne’s Total Body Care.



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