Ear Candling is an older form of healing making a revival today. The ear candle is a piece of unbleached cotton, covered in beeswax, and shaped like a ‘straw.’ It is held gently on the edge of the ear to create a vacuum in the ear, drawing out old wax, residues of past infections and fungus.

Candles cleanse on all levels both within the immune system and in the energy fields. It can help sinus pain, migraines, wax build up, tinnitus, earaches, foggy head, fungal infections, toxic residue from medication and clearing your head before or after flights.

A session includes the use of Ear Candles in both ears, facial massage to stimulate the sinus and throat pressure-points, finishing with reflexology on the sinus points of the feet.

If you feel your body needs a boost and are looking for a simple and relaxing treatment, then Ear Candling is for you.

 60 mins : $80