When we experience trauma, we are very good at tucking it away and ‘getting on with life.’

I have done this in my life, and I have reaped the pain, anguish and stress that ignoring my needs brought. I realised that there were better ways to deal with our traumatic life events, and I focused myself upon that path, and haven’t looked back!

I have trained in a range of therapy modalities and techniques. This means that I can support people from a wide range of life experiences, who all need different ways to process their pain, anger, grief and sadness. Some clients want a traditional counselling-style of session; some clients want a more interactive, hands-on approach; some clients want a more alternative form of counselling that incorporates their spiritual beliefs.

Whatever you need: I am ready to meet you, how you are, where you are.

I intrinsically believe that we are able to ‘come back from the edge’; are able to rebuild ourselves after we experience terrible damage; learn to trust, hope, and love again. I believe that none of us too ‘far gone’ to feel happiness in our lives, to follow our joys, and to lead fulfilling lives that we choose.

I know this, because I have done this.

When you have a session with me in any of my therapies – Counselling Therapy, Gestalt Therapy, Clinical Resource Therapy and Vision Boarding – you are being supported by a fully qualified and passionate therapist.

Welcome to Yvonne’s Total Body Care.



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