Body Therapies are all about the physical body – ways to soothe, relax and strengthen your entire body.

I offer a range of modalities to support you in relaxing and healing your body. Whether your body is recovering from illness or injury, or you are feeling the effects of stress and worry – body therapies can powerfully help us to re-balance ourselves.

There is a school of thought that suggests that when our mind and emotions are overwhelmed, our body will begin to show dis-ease. As a practitioner of body therapies, I have experienced this in my own life, and understand that sometimes, the best thing for a racing mind can be the relaxing power of a massage.

I believe that every culture has developed ways of supporting the health of the physical body – you may be familiar with Hot Stone Therapy developed in Hawaii, or Reflexology which is based upon the Traditional Chinese Medicine use of acupressure points. In our Western Culture, we have a strong history of massage, though we have also improved our knowledge and techniques through the introduction of massage styles from India and China, Thailand and Polynesia.

When you have a session with me in any of my modalities – Therapeutic Massage, Remedial Massage, ReflexologyMyofascia/Trigger WorkLymphatic Massage, Hot Stone Therapy or Ear Candling – you are being supported by a fully qualified and passionate therapist.

Welcome to Yvonne’s Total Body Care.



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