Having had health issues as a young adult I discovered I could take more responsibility and have positive results using alternative therapies.

This was the beginning of my journey along a holistic health path. I have been working for the last 21 years as a holistic health practitioner and it has shown me that people essentially do their own healing – my role is to facilitate and guide you in that process. I empower people by sharing my healing knowledge, and how it can be directly applied for them, according to their individual, specific needs.

I use a range of body, mind and energetic modalities to support my clients, understanding that different people need different approaches. I also educate clients, offering them tips and remedies, and assisting them to get more in touch with their bodies using natural products. I do this within an environment that is both soothing and peaceful.

I chose this work because I am passionate about helping people become more aware and reach their full potential.

I love seeing someone come in with quite a few issues, and see them grow, understand, and make new life choices. I see my sessions affect their lives and as a result, their family, and I see that ripple keep expanding out. It is a powerful thing to watch a human being develop from the quiet, sad, depressed person – a person in pain – to someone getting their purpose back and building their life in a healthy and wholesome way.

It is a privilege to be able to support people in this way – to truly be able to help somebody.

I believe that the body can heal itself. I believe you can change the way you think. I believe If you feed your mind and your body the right resources/elements, things will change … and change CAN happen. I believe in getting to know yourself: your strengths and weaknesses, and becoming comfortable with who you are. I also believe in doing the very best you can, not being afraid to be your authentic self and following your passion – this is where happiness comes from.

I am inspired by indigenous peoples and their beautiful connection with Mother Earth and social activists who are doing amazing, humble work for progress and peace.

I look forward to meeting you, and supporting you on your healing journey. I trust intuition – mine and yours – and integrate this awareness into each session to help you to move forward, look at changes, and see things from many different angles.

I truly look forward to hearing your story, and then journeying beside you – wherever it is you need to go.



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