Welcome to the Central Coast’s place to rest your body, mind & spirit.

As a holistic practitioner, I understand that the pain we all experience is different, and each one of us requires different ‘ways’ of healed when faced with stress, grief and unhappiness. For this reason, I have trained thoroughly in different modalities that allow me to approach the mind, body and spirit of each client uniquely.

I respect and support you where YOU are on your journey – not where I think you should be.

My role is to offer my different skills, meeting you wherever you are, and not ‘pushing’ you when you aren’t ready. No matter which modality I am using – massage, counselling or energy work – I always ensure that you feel safe and secure. I do this through my gentleness, compassion, confidentiality and professionalism.

During my training I considered the important question: what would I desire out of a holistic session? I realised that I wanted to feel welcomed, listened to, understood and safe. I also wanted the person facilitating my session to be very skilled and capable in their modalities. I use this as my foundation for my sessions: you, the client, and your experience, are at the core of my practice. And if that means that I need to refer you to a practitioner who I believe can fulfill your requirements better than I, then that is what I shall do – and have done.

My values are strongly expressed in my work: nurturance, honesty, punctuality, loyalty and wisdom-seeking.

As an alternative practitioner on the Central Coast of NSW, I aim to offer you a unique and powerful experience. I intend to assist you in achieving your life goals – whether those are a more relaxed and revitalised body, a calmer and joyous mind, a clearer direction of your life path and purpose, or a more aligned and empowered energy system.

Welcome to Yvonne’s Total Body Care.

Body Therapies

Body Therapies are all about the physical body – ways to soothe, relax and strengthen your entire body. I offer a range of modalities to support you in relaxing and healing your body. Whether your body is recovering from illness


Our entire body is a map of energetic lines and points.  These lines and points interact within our bodies, creating an integrated energy system. This system is impacted on the physical as well as emotional and mental levels. Different cultures


When we experience trauma, we are very good at tucking it away and ‘getting on with life.’ I have done this in my life, and I have reaped the pain, anguish and stress that ignoring my needs brought. I realised